​​Responsible for oversight and management of the annual Trusted Choice branding campaign and all other areas of communications and public relations. The committee also focuses on promotion of the Association and independent agents to various audiences including members, consumers, companies, legislators, and regulators.
Committee Members:
John O. O'Rourke, Jr., Chair
Michele Calabrese
Kathy Christopher
John Kaull, Board Representative
Joe Paiva
Christopher Slocum
Stan Tabak
Sarah VanGrootheest, Staff Liaison
Responsible for identifying ways to promote awareness of disaster preparation and response to benefit member agents and their customers.
Committee Members:
Tony Bucci, Chair
John Kaull
Margaret Longolucco
Tom Regan
Kelly Townsend
Responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating the Annual Convention.
Committee Members
Rick Paquin
Paul Gencarella
Garry Mansfield
Jean Nagle, Staff Liaison
Sarah VanGrootheest, Staff Liaison
The committee is a part of and the RI Insurance Agents Council and reviews all insurance related legislation introduced in the RI General Assembly. The committee evaluates and assesses the potential impact from proposed legislation and then assumes a position that will either support, oppose or monitor those bills. Positions may require the need to testify before various state legislative committees and sub-committees. 
Committee Members:
Ernie Shaghalian, Jr., Chair
Terry Martiesian, Contract Lobbyist
Gene Nadeau, NAIFA RI Representative
Dave Bates
Ed Bishop
Melanie Flamand
Cristie Hanaway
Peter Kenahan
Kim Raymond
Richard Rheinberger
Ken Thompson, Jr., Board Representative
David White
Mark Male, Staff Liaison
Maureen McNamara, Staff Liaison
To support state candidates for public office who are sympathetic to the interests and views of Independet Insurance Agents and their customers.
Committee Members:
Ed Bishop, Co-Chair
Collette McKeon, Co-Chair
Brian Hunter, Vice Chairman
Rick Rheinberger, Secretary
Mark Male, Treasurer
John Edge, Jr.
Cristie Hanaway
Terry Martiesian
Ernie Shaghalian, Jr.
Monitors workers' compensation issues in RI, keep the membership informed of important changes in the marketplace and work with legislators, the Department of Labor and Training, and the Department of Business Regulation, Insurance Division, to assure continued success of workers' compensation insurance in RI.
Committee Members:
David White, Chair
Doug Brown
Bob Padula
Bill Preston
Bob Slocum
John Tickner
Young Agents will launch the next generation of independent insurance agency system leaders; build involvement in, and activism for, the legislative issues vital to the future of the industry; encourage the revitalization of state young agents programs and the strengthening of exisitng ones; and develop awareness of, and participation in, the state and national activities of the Big I.
Committee Members:
Kelly Townsend, Chair
Michael Beaulieu
Bill Hunt, Jr.
Melanie Lambert
Jade Lupinacci, Vendor Representative
Tim Mailloux
Nick San Martino
Bruce Fisher-Messier
Chris Slocum
Marcia Berthiaume, Staff Liaison