Project CAP


How many people are going to
Almost 70,000 visits in January and growing very fast every month.

Whos is going to the site - are they only minimum-limit kids or a mix of prospects I really want?
They are prospects agencies would value.

Early statistics show 76% are over 30 years old, almost half are married. 
1/3 of the vehicles quoted are over $30,000.
Over half are selecting our maximum limits package! Only 16% choose our minimum package.

Remember, we are not quoting minimum limits. We have 3 package levels, all above minimum limits.

Are agencies actually getting leads?
Yes, many agencies are getting leads - both through "Get a Quote" and "Find Your Agent." Both are driving consumers to agencies, it isn't only about quoted leads. As we move out of the transition period of getting carriers & agents live on the sire, enhanced promotion will drive even more traffic. Don't expect leads flooding in overnight, it will grow with momentum. See some of the successed here: Testimonials​

How do I get a lead?
You will receive an email when a quote or contact is requested. Once you click the link, you will be quided to all of thei information. 

Do leads go to multiple agencies at once?
No. It is important that you get in touch with your prospect as soon as possible as you are their only contact. It is your lead. Go close it!

What carriers are on the site in RI?
In RI, our "Get a Quote" carriers are Safeco Peerless, Main Street America Group, and Selective Insurance Company. We will be making exciting announcment about additional carriers in the coming weeks.

I don't write with any of those companies, should I still sign up for the Advantage Subscription?
YES! Remember that leads are also coming through the "Find Your Agent" search and subscribers show up first with big enhanced profiles.

What are the terms?
By signing up now you benefit from securing a low monthly rate of $39, locked in for all of 2014. The agreement is basically month to month, you can cancel any time.