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Accredited Customer Service Rep. (ACSR)


Accredited Customer Service Rep.  (ACSR)

This program is designed to prepare CSR's to better serve your customers.  Students wishing to obtain their ACSR designation can pursue it in either the personal, commercial, or life & health lines. Earning the Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR) designation clearly conveys your commitment to excellence in customer service and professionalism. Plus, the ACSR designation distinguishes you as being prepared to meet the complex insurance challenges your clients face.


  • An overview of the policy structure and eligibility requirements
  • An in-depth study of the coverages, exclusions, and conditions
  • A synopsis of the endorsements used with policies
  • Adds value to your role within the agency.

Getting Started:

Should I get my designation? 

This program is recommended for intermediate or advanced agency staff including agents, brokers, agency principals, producers, account managers, and customer service representatives. 

Designation Requirements 
You can obtain your designation by completing one of three tracks – Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, and Life/Health. In addition to the specified course outlines, you must also complete the Core Course and the Ethics Requirement.

Core Courses
  • ACSR #4 – Agency Errors and Omissions
  • ACSR #5 – Professional Development & Account Management

Ethics Requirement
All students must complete and pass the exam for Ethical Decision Making in Risk and Insurance in order to earn the designation.

Required Courses:

Personal Lines

  • ACSR #1 – Homeowners Insurance
  • ACSR #2 – Personal Automobile Insurance
  • ACSR #3– Personal Lines Related Coverages

Commercial Lines

  • ACSR #6 – Commercial Property Insurance
  • ACSR #7 – Commercial Liability Insurance
  • ACSR #8 – Commercial Automobile Insurance
  • ACSR #9 – Commercial Lines Related Coverages


  • ACSR #10 – Life Insurance
  • ACSR #11 – Retirement Planning
  • ACSR #12 – Disability and Health Insurance