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Utica Coverage Highlights


Utica Coverage Highlights

Since 1966, Utica has been a leader in providing quality protection for agencies in the United States. And we plan to be here for you in the years to come. Here are some reasons why agents and brokers choose UTICA for their E&O coverage.

No two E&O policies are the same - If the premium sounds too good to be true, it probably is. By understanding your business, we can customize an E&O policy to meet your individual needs. We provide quality coverage and value for some of the most successful agencies in the country.

  • Limit your exposure - We provide loss control assistance to address a multitude of potential risks, from those involving CSRs to yours as owner and producer. We take an active interest in helping you minimize the likelihood of a claim.

  • More extensive tail options - With acquisitions, mergers, and retirements, no one can predict what tomorrow will bring. An E&O policy from Utica contains flexible tail options that can provide peace of mind.

  • Strong Affiliate relationships - Our long-term relationship with local and state associations brings additional talent and expertise to the task of protecting you and your business. Now that's an unbeatable combination!

When only the best will do, count on Utica National - E&O from the people who know!

Life & Health Agency Coverage

Your Life & Health agency is different from a Property & Casualty agency and so are your exposures. That's why you need Agent's Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage designed specifically for your type of operation and you can get it from Utica National. Our coverage is one of the most comprehensive policies available today, providing the coverage that Life & Health Agents consider the most important while incorporating enough flexibility and optional coverages to remain affordable. We've been writing insurance agents' Errors and Omissions coverage for over 40 years.

Property & Casualty Agency Coverage

Even when some insurance companies decided that writing Insurance Agents' Errors & Omissions (E&O) wasn't profitable and pulled out of the marketplace, Utica National Insurance didn't.

We know that it is absolutely vital that you have an Errors & Omissions insurer you can rely on. That's why we're here when you need us, with a program designed for agents, by agents - giving you peace of mind so you can concentrate on the success of your agency and getting your customers the coverage they need.

Our programs are designed to protect your agency from its infancy through perpetuation, and every stage in between.

New Agencies

Our Agency Ally product is designed for the newer agency. To support new agencies, Utica's program combines the mentoring and educational assistance available through your local agent's association with Utica's stability in the E&O marketplace. With sound education and training, you'll succeed in your new venture. Utica's ability to start with the Agency Ally, and grow your coverage commensurate with your experience is what our program is all about!

You might find lower-price E&O Coverage elsewhere, but bargain-basement insurance can be ruinous to your agency in the event of a claim.

Property & Casualty Agency Coverage Coverage Highlights:

Established Agencies - Broad Coverage 

  • For insurance

  • Risk Management Services

  • Notary Service

  • Property Appraisals for insureds

  • Expert Witness 

  • Instructor of Insurance Practices

  • Defense Costs are in addition to limits of liability

  • Consent to settle provision - gives you control over how you want a claim handled

  • True worldwide coverage in a global economy - Suit can be brought anywhere in the world, not just in the United States!

Selling your agency? Retiring? Here's what is special about our Perpetuation plan for agencies!

  • Utica includes up to a 10-year Extended Reporting Period (ERP)

  • Some carriers may not offer ERP if coverage is canceled or expired

  • Upfront knowledge of what the premium is for the Extended Reporting Period options

  • You choose the coverage period


Life & Health Agency Coverage

Coverage Highlights:

Don't go without protection you need. We offer:

  • First Dollar Defense Coverage - Utica's coverage protects you from paying large legal expenses, because the deductible applies to the loss only. Utica also offers a Loss Plus Litigation Expense Deductible Option.
  • Full Prior Acts Coverage - No Extra Charge. Unlike some policies, Utica's E&O policy provides full prior acts coverage at no extra charge. This coverage is subject to underwriting approval.
  • Defense Costs in Addition to Limits of Liability - Your limit of liability is available to pay for any judgments against you and is not reduced by ever increasing defense costs.
  • No Contractual Liability Exclusion - and we don't charge extra!*

*Availability varies by state 


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