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ABEN on Demand


ABEN on Demand

New for 2024!


  • CE anytime, anywhere
  • No Testing
  • Polling Questions Included
  • Full CE Credits Awarded

IIARI is offering a new continuing education format for our members -  ABEN On-Demand.  
These pre-recorded webinars can be taken on your schedule. 

Your attendance is monitored through polling, so no exams! 


E&O - Roadmap to Policy Analysis - Part I | 3 CE
Qualifies for 10% E&O premium discount with SwissRe!

This course is designed to guide experienced professionals step by step through the process of reading policy language, applying a basic coverage analysis to look for possible gaps in coverage, and understanding advanced coverage issues. It will explain what to look for in terms of wording, punctuation, and formatting, including the negative and positive implications of specific wording. In addition, the course will address E&O loss control issues and help the agency look at ways to obtain and retain business.  

Understanding and Avoiding E&O Claims in an Independent Insurance Agency | 3 CE
Qualifies for 10% E&O premium discount with SwissRe!

This course is oriented towards agency staff and begins with general comments to make them aware of what an E&O claim is, what typically causes a claim and then provides specific processes and procedures to follow in the agency’s daily operations to prevent E&O claims.


E&O - Roadmap to Identity Theft, Red Flags and Money Laundering | 3 CE
Qualifies for 10% E&O premium discount with SwissRe!

Personal Identity Theft Exposures:

  • Definitions

  • Identifying and Analyzing the Identity Theft Loss Exposure

  • How pervasive is the identity theft problem? How many personal lines insureds are affected? 

Personal Identity Theft Risk Management :

  • Risk Control

  • Limitations of Liability

  • Identity Theft Insurance

  • Identity Theft Protection Services

  • Banks

  • Evaluating Identity Theft Protection Services


E&O - Roadmap to Cyber and Privacy Insurance | 3 CE
Qualifies for 10% E&O premium discount with SwissRe!

Our world is changing and we as agents & brokers need to help our clients understand the need to protect their businesses as technology impacts exposures in order to do this, we need to understand the exposure and coverage.

A business used to feel fully protected when they purchased Property, General Liability, Auto and Workers Compensation.  A variety of emerging issues now require we pay special attention to exposures not adequately covered by the Business Owners or Package Policies.



“Why Does My HO Policy Hate My Riding Lawnmower?” Personal Lines Policy Gaps and Exclusions | 2 CE

When it comes to ISO homeowners or personal auto policies, many contain gaps or exclusions clients may not even be aware of—until it’s too late. This two-hour class examines everyday issues such as recreational vehicles, who are insured, and business property.  


Flood Program Overview – NFIP Then and Now | 3 CE

*Compliant with FIRA §207 Basic Flood Insurance Course as published in the Federal Register,/ Vol. 70, no. 169:9/1/2005; updated through 2015.

In this 3 hr. detailed course, agents will learn the history, products & policies, general rules, claims process, and rating through the NFIP which would allow agents to better inform their customers. They will also receive clarification of the most recent and upcoming NFIP changes. Agents will be better able to advise their insureds on the intricacies of the flood insurance policy.


Covid-19 Litigation and Insurance Issues | 1 CE

In early July 2020, the Insurance Journal reports, there was a decision from a trial court in Michigan rejecting a restaurant’s claim under a business interruption policy.  The court’s ruling finds no “property damage” as most BI policies define the phrase and notes that even if the insured could overcome this hurdle, the claim would still be denied under the virus exclusion in the policy.  Industry insiders say it is a sign of things to come; more favorable rulings for carriers are anticipated.

This hour-long seminar begins with a brief foray into the standard industry forms on business income to set the stage for a discussion of the Michigan decision and others like it.  


The Mystery of Business Income Insurance | 3 CE

This 3-hr webcast provides an in-depth look at one of the most confusing policy forms. This course will explain and analyze the Business Income forms and take the “mystery” out of this vital coverage.


Insight on Modern Day Cyber Exposures & Risk Mitigation | 2 CE

Can your client survive a cyber-attack? Learn about the top two cyber claims (using real-life examples), how coverage is triggered, and what to look for in a cyber policy. After this seminar, you will be able to effectively communicate why any business should purchase cyber insurance in two minutes or less.



Watch Your Six - A Half-Dozen Ethics Scenarios for Insurance Professionals | 3 CE

For instructors as well as producers, the ongoing study of professional ethics is a continuing education class struggle. By the very nature of the subject, ethics classes run the risk of being filled with platitudes or devolving into sermons. Platitudes and sermons do not make for good attendee engagement, which ultimately hurts the effectiveness of the class.

This seminar uses a few minutes to make this point and to explain what follows. The first hour is to demonstrate that professional ethics are worth studying – and worthy of continuing education – and do have a few objective characteristics to them. The hour concludes with a brief review of how professional ethics is good in theory and often quite bad in practice – it looks at the process of “moral disengagement” from an Insurance Journal article.

The second and third hours seek to engage the students by reviewing actual, case-based situations to determine the best ethical resolution and decide how the controversy could have been avoided. In each instance, the scenario presented is based on a real case. Students receive a “resolution” of the dilemma by the discussion of the outcome of the case, but are also left to ponder some of the ethics quandaries that are embedded in each situation.


Ethics - Creating a Winning Culture in the Agency | 3 CE

Every organization has a culture, whether you realize it or not.  The question then becomes, does your team recognize, understand, and support a developed culture.  We will discuss the approaches to ethical decision-making and how agency culture influences those decisions. We will examine why teamwork is also critical not only for the agency’s financial success, but their ethical success as well.  We will discuss Healthy v. Smart and how that will grow your organization.  In addition, we will look at how to maintain your agency culture with your remote employees.


Ethics in the Insurance Industry | 3 CE

This course will review of the foundations of ethical behavior, including terms and definitions, ethical vs. legal behavior, and ethical considerations for insurance agents.  It will also review the steps agencies can take as an organization to eliminate many of the causes before they take place.